Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Cours en ligne: deux étudiant.e.s et le subjonctif

Online teaching
Summer 2019, we managed to get Faye who was in holidays in California to work with Liby -still in London- to complete their work on the subject of subjonctif, as a preparation of their IGCSE exams. The following is an exercice where they identify different subjects in the sentence in order to transform it, using subjunctive mode

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Esprit Vert (Environnement)

Esprit Vert (Environnement) by Marie on Scribd

Monday, March 9, 2020

ACTIVITY: gestes pour une bonne hygiène

A2-Gestes Pour Une Bonne Hy... by Marie on Scribd

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Mona L. rehearsing for IGCSE French

Did you know that Mona L. prepared for IGCSE French last winter ? Almost kidding but look at this video.
It took place a few days before her Edexcel 4FR1 speaking examination date, the Big one !
Mona was a bit tense so rather than the usual online course that we did at her office ( I think it’s a place called « Le Louvre » ) she preferred to do this one from the comfort of her home. How lucky she is to benefit from online courses !

By the day of this video, Mona had 70 hours of French with AceYourFrench. On that day, we were reviewing different scenario cases - that we previously prepared - on the topic of Education.

In response to my questions, you are going to hear Mona’s structured answers which systematise:

  • the use of connectives (et, donc, parce-que, en effet, mais …)
  • relatives (qui/que)

She also has a good grip of

  • tenses usage (imperfect, perfect and even one subjunctive !)
  • expressions (comme-ci comme-ça, besoin de …)
  • comparatives
  • pronom Y

A few pronunciation spots though which need improvements. We’ll keep working on that.
The rehearsing that day was quite joyful as Mona enjoyed much her free day out of the museum.


Mona received a grade of 8 (out of 9) which, in the previous grading system, is equivalent to an A. That was a fantastic achievement, two years in advance and with as few as 70 hours preparation.

But you know, Mona is Mona. She kept on her enigmatic smile.
She’s sitting again this summer for the IGCSE Edexcel 4FR1. No doubt the ultimate score is at her reach.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

ACTIVITY: Des Glaneuses

Des Glaneuses Contrastes by Marie on Scribd