Saturday, February 8, 2020

READING: Des Glaneuses

Des Glaneuses Contrastes by Marie on Scribd

Monday, February 3, 2020

Secularism: Why French Secularism is So Hard to Grasp


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The 1905 French law separating the Church and the State is now over a hundred years old. The laïcité (or secularism) principle it defines, despite the term not being mentioned in the text, is unique in the world and is an integral part of France’s contemporary political DNA.

Laïcité is the product of the long evolution of the relationship between the Church and the State.
Anastasia Colosimo

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

EDUCATION: La laïcité à l’école

EDUCATION A study by the National Center for the Study of School Systems (Cnesco) shows that the vast majority of students know and respect the main principles of secularism

Friday, January 24, 2020

FILM: L’armée du crime

L’armée du crime

Imdb 6.7 Durée: 2h 18min 2009 sur Prime Video (15)
⌦Leaving Prime on 07 February 2020

This is the untold story of one of the most notorious and feared group of the French resistance during WWII. The poet Missak Manouchian leads a mixed bag of youngsters and immigrants in a clandestine battle against the Nazi occupation. Twenty-two men and one woman fighting for an ideal and for freedom. News of their daring attacks, including the assassination of an SS general, eventually reaches Berlin.
Genres: Drama, History, War
Director Robert Guédiguian
Starring Virginie Ledoyen, Simon Abkarian, Robinson Stévenin

it pointedly disputes the idea of a unanimous French Resistance. Behind the scenes the Paris police, eager to impress the Nazis, supervise grisly tortures of suspected partisans. Pujol (Jean-Pierre Darroussin), an inspector in the neighborhood where the Resistance is centered, is emblematic of the double-dealing treachery of French officials in the Vichy government. Trucks containing Jewish deportees rumble through the streets and give pedestrians only a moment’s pause.

Read the complete review on The New York Times

“Army of Crime,” whose title alludes to Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1969 masterpiece, “Army of Shadows” (set in the same period) […] also refers to the infamous “Affiche Rouge” (red poster) circulated by the Nazis on which the headline, “L’Armée du Crime” (“Army of Crime”), was plastered under the anti-fascist partisans’ photographs.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A2 mon logement pour la location saisonnière

Les sites spécialisés dans la location saisonnière se multiplient. Louer son logement pendant une courte période est une opération intéressante pour les propriétaires comme pour les touristes qui cherchent à louer une chambre ou un appartement.
The sites specializing in seasonal rentals are in increasing number. Renting your accommodation for a short period is an interesting operation for both owners and tourists looking to rent a room or an apartment.

Production écrite niveau A2


Vous désirez proposer votre logement pour la location saisonnière.
Vous ferez une première description synthétique de votre logement (lieu où il est situé, nombre de pièces qu’il comprend, l’équipement qu’il offre, calendrier de disponibilité etc.). Précisez la durée du séjour possible et le nombre de personnes qui peuvent y être accueillies.
Dans une deuxième partie, vous mettrez en avant les qualités de votre logement ainsi que du quartier

(Environ 180 mots)

Apportez un soin particulier aux premières lignes de votre texte d’annonce. Les internautes consultent de nombreux sites pour leurs recherches et se contentent le plus souvent de lire le début du texte pour se faire une idée ! Votre description doit être attrayante ! Elle doit donc être aéré, facile à lire, sans abréviation ni accumulation de détails techniques .
Take special care in the first lines of your ad text. Internet users consult many sites for their research and usually just read the beginning of the text to get an idea! Your description should be attractive! It must therefore be airy, easy to read, without abbreviation or accumulation of technical details.