Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Improve my translation skills ?

I recently received a request of Abi, one of my #university students :

I’m looking to try and find some way of putting into practice new vocab I learn as I’m struggling to retain it all. Do you know any websites perhaps that have translation exercises (whole paragraphs not just sentences) so that I can practice my writing precision and consolidate vocab?

If you are like Abi, looking to improve your #translation skills from English to #french , one effective way to practice is by reading a website like famous Le Monde at Le Monde in English
After making a translation in your mind, then switch to the French version to check your understanding. This method allows you to see how the language is used in a real-world context and to compare your translations with those of a professional translator.
Additionally, you can use a dictionary or translation tool to help clarify any vocabulary or grammar points that you are unsure about. It may be helpful to start with shorter articles and gradually work your way up to longer ones to build your skills and confidence. As you continue to practice, you will find that your translation skills improve over time.