Succeed in your examinations without the need of last-minute cramming.

Train for I/GCSE French, IB French, SATII French, A-Level or DELF/DALF/TCF. We review together through :

  • Productive exercises
    Train all four communication skills effectively, specifically targeting your exam board.
  • Mock exams
    Test yourself before the real deal.
  • Post analysis on your mistakes
    We provide feedback on your mistakes to help you improve for subsequent attempts.
Improve your skills for your next job interviews in French.
  1. We provide translation service and help you make pristine motivation letters and eye catching resumes. At the same time, you get to familiarise yourself with the associated French grammar and vocabular.
  2. We'll correct and give you suggestions to prepare your answers for the most common questions. This will avoid you the "surprise effect" and one improvement after the other, you'll get to know exactly what to answer during the interview.
  3. Practice interview simulations which is good to help you memorize answers or react quickly and better. Afterwards, you'll have our feedback on your accent, tone of voice. After analysis we'll pinpoint any weaknesses and give you useful tips on how to speak better French and be a convincing candidate.


I worked closely and synergistically with Marie when I required her help with applications for full-time employment in France as French is not my mother language.

Marie helped me prepare extremely well for my interviews by providing CV and cover letter translation services, sample interview answers as well as interview prep (mock interviews, elocution and accent improvement, etc.).
After I was successful in my interviews she continued to provide guidance to make the transition from England to France easier.
Marie was always cordial, patient and showed a sincere interest in my success. Her outstanding ability to explain and teach, and her positive attitude, always inspired me to do better. Furthermore, Marie has a creative touch to her work, she is detail-oriented and always exceeded my expectations.
I would thus not hesitate in recommending Marie to any future students or anyone seeking the type of services she provides.


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