How it works

When sending us your first assignment at [email protected]

Provide information about the French class you are taking, the type and the subject of the assignment, the expected date of delivery. Do not forget to include your draft and other relevant documents, such as notes, references, links, audio recordings, videos and/or images.

Use the comments sction to bring to our attention specific points like a short notice delivery deadline.

A personalised quote for the assignment is provided

Within a few hours, one of our experienced professors will review the subject of the assignment as well as any documents provided. If the professor requires additional information they will contact you by email.

A personalised quote with a delivery date will then be sent to you by email.

You complete your order

Once you have received a quote from us, you must review and check the agreed date of delivery.

Each quote has a date of validity to allow the completion of the assignment on time. Payment has to made no later than that date of validity.

Once ready to order, click on the payment link provided in the quote. You will be redirect to the Paypal web site. Proceed to the payment with your Paypal account, a credit or a debit card. Once the payment is completed, you will received a confirmation email from Paypal and one from us.

We work on the assignment

The professor in charge of your assignment will start to work on your assignment as soon as possible to deliver by or before the agreed date.

Once the assignment is completed by us, we will email it to you in PDF (.pdf), Word (.doc) and text (.txt) formats. You are invited to review it and contact us if needed.


First writing sample

You are a teenager on a one month exchange student trip in Paris, France. Write a letter in French to your parents about your stay, the host family and your feelings.

Diploma : I/GCSE
Type of assignment : Essay
Years of French : 3

Salut maman et papa!

Second writing sample

Talk about yourself, your family and what you would like to do in the future.

Diploma : International Baccalaureate
Type of assignment : Essay
Years of French : 4

Ma famille et mes projets scolaires

Third writing sample

Candidature au poste de responsable de chef de réception.

Diploma : N.a
Type of assignment : Job application
Years of French : 5

Candidature au poste de responsable de chef de réception

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